We Are The Lovings

Well, not always, but we try!

Yes, we are the Lovings

on September 24, 2013

So, this is my new blog, because, frankly, I hated the old one.  I chose this name because we have a running joke.  Whenever things get tense around here, my husband will yell, but we are the LOVINGS (dammit!!).  Well, we think it’s funny.

Anyway, I have LOTS to say, both random and otherwise.  I hope this blog will be a lot less complaining and a lot more funny and insightful.   For now, you will have to deal with some random thoughts.

  • This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the chill in the air, all things pumpkin, and the fact that the pool is closed.
  • My husband now works at home two days a week.  His office is in the basement.  Is it wrong that I am elated that he has chosen to do laundry while he is down there?  I chose NOT to take it as a personal comment on my housewifery skills.
  • I think people are basically decent, but suffer from lack of common sense, selfishness and general sheepdom.
  • I love the fact that I am homeschooling but it frustrates me every single day that I am not better at it.
  • Having a special needs child is daunting, for sure.  But the most daunting thing about it is my fear that I will fail her.
  • I have met some really amazing people while on my journey in homeschooling.  I have listed some of their blogs I hope you will enjoy.
  • My faith in God, wine and my friends keep me sane, not necessarily in that order.

My boy P1000586 - Copy P1000591


2 responses to “Yes, we are the Lovings

  1. Amy says:

    I like it Susan!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Susan, so glad to find you!!! : ) My faith in God, wine, and friends keep me sane, too….and, unfortunately, the order depends on the day. ; )

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